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Bridgette Wilson Dietitian

Whether there is an actor on a special diet in preparation for a role or just wanting to keep their meals light so as not to get the post lunch hangover, Bridgette is able to help adapt their food plan or with the help of the chefs work out something more suitable.

Bridgette is also available by appointment to come down to set for a one on one consultation with anyone who really wants to make sure they are doing the best thing for themselves nutritionally.

A description of your qualifications and experience. As a chef too.

Before completing a post graduate diploma to become a Dietitian, Bridgette completed an undergraduate degree in biological sciences and a Masters degree with first class honors in molecular biology and biochemistry. Bridgette has an extremely sound understanding of how the food we eat can affect our bodies, gut microbial systems and genetics.

As a registered Dietitian, Bridgette now specialises in passing on her knowledge in practical ways to help people better decipher the effect that food can have on health and overall wellbeing.

In addition Bridgette has completed a Sports Nutrition qualification and is able to take your training goals into consideration when advising you on dietary optimisation.

Bridgette has also worked extensively in the catering industry. Bridgette ran her own kitchen in France, responsible for the development and preparation of her own menus. Bridgette has additional experience in large scale catering operations both in Cardiff and in London most prestigiously as part of the Roux kitchen for events such as Wimbledon and the DSEi.

So many people today are confused about their diet. What may be right for someone you know may not work for you and there is so much information available online now it can be hard to know just what to do. A one to one consultation with a Dietitian can help you bust the myths and come up with an eating plan that’s right for you as an individual, whatever your goals may be. As the only registered health profession specialising in Nutrition you know you can trust your Dietitian.

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BSc, MSc (hons), PGDip, Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist.


  • Flexible consulting hours and able to come to you on set.
  • Informed advice on the many options at meal times which can make being strict with one’s self more difficult!
  • Actors may be concerned about their appearance on camera. Feeling bloated or being tired from heavy meals may make performances more challenging.
  • Experienced in the low FODMAP diet for treating symptoms of bloating and discomfort associated with IBS and can advise you on this.
  • The number of people experiencing specific food intolerances like gluten and lactose is increasing. A Dietitian can advise you on alternatives without jeopardising the nutritional value of your diet.
  • Irregular meal patterns and long days can make planning the evening meal tricky, Bridgette can help you to balance your calorie intake throughout the day and give practical advice on what options are best for you as a later evening snack.
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