Coffee & Craft

Because we understand the importance of a good cuppa, you can also choose to have a tea and coffee station manned by one of our skilled baristas.

Our coffee comes from sustainably responsible supplier; Assembly Coffee, and like all of our staff, our Baristas are highly skilled and capable of making coffees for crews of up to 500 people. We have a range of packages suiting every budget, from supplying just coffee and hot drinks to a full craft service.

Meet Our Supplier

Assembly Coffee Logo

"Assembly exists to drive and promote innovation throughout the specialty coffee industry.

We strive to set the leading example for the industry, in:

  • Roasted coffees that are the pinnacle of quality.
  • Innovation in how quality is communicated.
  • Redefinition of how coffee can be sourced to return greater value to farming communities.

The curation of our coffee catalogue is driven by purpose and impact. Every coffee is sourced with the ambition to create value for stakeholders and surface more sincere narratives for the speciality movement. Our partnerships with producers are founded on collaboration at origin across multi-year projects.

And we are proudly B-Corp and Carbon Neutral certified. We roast on a Loring S15 Falcon and a Loring S30 Kestrel - two of the most energy-efficient roasters on the market.

We believe that real value creation - through high-quality incentives and partnerships - holds stakeholders to greater accountability to the virtues of the specialty industry."